Bad Boys For Life Review

Watcha gonna do, when they come for you? This is a sequel which took way too long to come. It was an 8 year gap between the first 2 and now this one took a 17 year gap! So when it finally came we all thought…Finally! It was worth the wait, but it certainly was too long of a wait.

So this time the relationships between the characters were a little different, rather than a dysfunctional yet caring relationship it was more of a supportive family. This edition of the franchise had the most personal villain and is a result of your past catching up to you. The story for most part was unpredictable and the supporting new characters each brought their own contribution to the team. Also bringing back some of the characters from previous movies in more significant moments.

The movie did feel a little rushed with the filming and story progression. While Michael Bay didn’t direct it, it had the Michael Bay movie feel to it, which isn’t a bad thing especially for a movie like this. And the unnecessary resentment between Mike and Marcus was predictably resolved.

While the wait was unnecessarily long it was a blast. Consistently funny, fast paced action, good story with great character dynamics. I give this an 8.5/10


  • Hilarious and action packed
  • Great character dynamics
  • Personable villains


  • Felt a little rushed
  • Unnecessarily long wait
  • Predictable outcome between Mike and Marcus

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