Why James Bond Shouldn’t Be Female, But How We Can Have A Female 00!

When you’re used to privilege, equality looks like oppression…This is so true, I unfortunately see a lot of backlash and stupidity when it comes to gender and race swapping characters. But the fact is that it’s being done for more diversity and equality. I do however, feel that iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Captain America and others shouldn’t be changed. Why I feel that there is no reason for James Bond to become a woman, is because there are very easy ways around it!

So let’s begin with the number 007, Bond is called a “double O” which is an apparent title in the MI6 organization. The only other one we’ve known about is 006 in Goldeneye, where are the other ones? You can’t tell me that in the entire MI6 there were only 2 Double O’s, there needs to be more of them! Also, changing Bond into a woman, is just plain lazy..!

In a world where studios are emulating the Marvel Cinematic Universe model of creating their own Cinematic Universe, why not create a James Bond one. Have James as the main guy in it, but include other members of the Double O’s. At least 1 of them has to be Female or a person of color. I was watching Atomic Blonde and Charleze’s character was a total badass and could give James Bond a run for his money in a fight. Hell, she could’ve been the “Female Bond” we’ve talked about the past few years.

Let’s introduce a “Female Bond” in a James Bond movie and give her significant screen time, then have her own spinoff where she actually needs to rescue Bond. Show she can handle her own and is a hero in her own right.

We don’t need to make James Bond a female character, we can have our own female Double O agent!

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