Missing Link Review

So I never even heard about this movie till the Academy Awards nominations were announced and I was curious because it gave me the Wallace and Gromit feel. So I decided to give it a try since I love Stop-Motion (Granted this one is CGI) animation.

Let’s start with the beautiful animation and art in this movie, gave a very classic feel and made you feel like you went back in time. The voice acting was spot on with a stellar cast of Wolverine and Gamora (Yes I know that’s not their real names) and it was a great mix of comedy, action and heart.

But how do you hide an 8 foot tall Sasquatch in human clothes and expect people to fall for it? I know it’s animated but c’mon! It was a little slow paced and didn’t have much backstory for the characters, but it also wasn’t really necessary. Also it gives a good message about finding your own way and discovering your own worth and meaning.

Overall it was a well done movie, enjoyable and unpredictable. I can see a sequel coming one day, but if one doesn’t it’s not a big deal either. I give this an 8/10


  • Beautiful Artwork
  • Characters
  • Funny with substance
  • Great message at the end


  • Character Development besides Lionel Frost
  • Isn’t really “Stop-Motion” if it’s CGI
  • Disguising Mr. Link


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