The Best Sequels

Everything is getting a Part 2 now a days, even some that are unwanted and unnecessary! But sometimes it turns out to be something special. While many feel that you can’t compete with the original, there are some that outdo the original. Here are the best sequels that I’ve seen, keep in mind, these are just part 2 of a franchise and wouldn’t include any part 3 or more.

The Dark Knight

My favorite movie of all time, this was leaps and bound above Batman Begins and basically any superhero movie that came before it. It was a rarity where it appealed to critics as much as it appealed to fans. Heath Ledger killed it and still to this day is the greatest screen Joker to ever grace to screen. It move was well written, directed and acted. And with it’s denial for the Best Picture is the main reason the Academy made the category to a maximum of 10 movies!

Godfather Part 2

This movie should be listed in the dictionary under the word Masterpiece. There is a reason that people refer to any “Part 2” as the Godfather 2. It’s timeless, beautifully flimed, edited to perfection and basically flawless! The story balance between Vito’s origins and Michael’s uprising was done so well it felt like you were watching 2 movies but were able to give your attention to both at the same time. Just a complete Masterpiece!

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

One major reason this movie crushes the original was due to the fact of the technology available at the time. But it doesn’t take away from how great the movie is. It took the characters which were introduced and allowed them really go full force. T-1000 was terrifying and unstoppable, Arnold was just as great being the hero as he was the villain in the first movie. Sarah Connors development from timid and scared to badass fighter was awesome and the family dynamic between the 3 of them was actually somewhat touching. They didn’t need to make any more movies after this one, the story also felt complete and didn’t need to continue with the unnecessary sequels.

Shrek 2

We all love Shrek! But I’m going to go out on a limb and say this one was actually better! While the first movie was very unique and introduced us to these great loveable characters. This one was funnier and was able to take a few more risks. Also let’s not forget Puss! In Boots!


The first one scared the shit out of everyone, it was a horror movie and was great on its own. This one however, was so exciting, had it’s own scary moments and kept you at the edge of your seat the whole time! Ripley was the first true female action hero and she killed it here, she wasn’t scared of anything and was the hero from beginning to end! This movie set a new standard for Sci-Fi Action movies that is hard to compete with!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So while it isn’t the second movie in the MCU, it was the Sequel in the Captain America trilogy and it was the first movie in the series that really made us truly love the MCU and realize, “Hey, this is something awesome!”. This easily could’ve been a standard Political Thriller Action movie without the MCU characters. The Winter Soldier was one of the best Villains in the MCU, Cap and Natasha’s team up was great, Nick Fury was even shown to be vulnerable and it made some risky choices which impacted the MCU as a whole. This movie really set the standard of what we need to expect from the MCU.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Should be called “How To Make A Sequel”. The first one was such a great movie and made you want your own dragon so badly, but this one just crushed it! The dynamics between all characters Hiccup, Stoic and especially Toothless was done so well, made you feel for them and Drago was actually a scary villain. Not to mention the new characters which were added plus all the side characters contributing in their own way. Plus, it was just simply beautiful to watch.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

A New Hope honestly could’ve been its own one time movie and Star Wars would’ve just gone down as that. Which I would’ve been ok with since as mentioned many time before I’m not a fan. But this one was a huge jump from the original in all aspects. The story was well paced and unpredictable, the effects were much stronger, the tone was darker and the character development and reveals were incredible. Star Wars has gone down ever since this movie came out, they set the standard too high.

Incredibles 2

It was a really tough choice between this and Toy Story 2, I chose this mainly because Toy Story 3 is just so (Pun intended) Incredible! The only bad thing about this movie, it took way too long to be made! I remember seeing the first one and thinking “I can’t wait for the sequel” but it took so long to arrive! But it was great! It had the unorthodox approach where Elasta Girl was the hero and Mr. Incredible ended up being the stay at home parent which isn’t seen often. It had great character dynamics, family dynamics and an unpredictable villain reveal. Plus, it was a lot darker and more mature and any Pixar movie before it!

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