F*** You Martin Scorsese!

Not Cinema! That’s what Martin Scorsese says about the MCU and other similar types of movies. He’s part of an annoying old-school ass backwards generation who doesn’t realize the times are changing. Frankly, I feel he’s jealous these movies are constantly making a billion at the box office while he’s come nowhere close to it.

He is by all means a extremely talented director who can make a masterpiece with a limited budget and has constantly directed award winning and nominated performances. One can’t deny that but his comments are pure ignorance.

I recently watched Casino and it opened my eyes to a few things. As much as I appreciate his movies, they actually have a repetitive formula, his movies mainly consist of unlikable degenerates, often destroying lives for greed, no diversity (Are almost always about Italian Americans) and frankly too long! I am all about a long movie, if the scenes are relevant and it doesn’t feel long, but a lot of his films are long with may scenes and characters which are unnecessary. And another thing that bugs e about his movies, more so in particular his Biopics is that the degenerates he makes movies about (Henry Hill, Jordan Belfort and Jake LaMotta etc.), who are all in all shitty people end up finding new fame and fortune, after spending their lives destroying other people.

And movies like The Dark Knight, Logan and Joker have shown that these movies can be “Cinema” and that these movies made for both fans and for critics. But here’s a bit of irony, his latest movie The Irishman was a Netflix exclusive, which technically isn’t “Cinema”…hypocrite much?

As Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change” The times are changing, Martin Scorsese needs to accept it just like the rest of us!

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