Brussels Belgium

This city is a hidden gem! When you think of cities in Europe you think of places like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, London (Will get to that) and etc. But how often does anyone mention Brussels? When I got there, it looked like another city similar to Berlin, but was I wrong! Brussels is known for... Continue Reading →

Berlin Germany

The capital of Germany, a huge city with a lot to see. But Berlin is a city, it honestly doesn’t feel much different from going to Toronto, New York or any big metropolitan area. What really set’s Berlin apart from most major cities though, is this world history that is involved with Berlin. This city... Continue Reading →

Marriage Story Review

So…This was painfully depressing to watch… Who knew that Kylo Ren and Black Widow could act so well! Well that isn’t fair, they are both trained and talented actors which is probably why the movie gave such a morose feel to it. During the movie they did genuinely try to make things go civil and... Continue Reading →

Knives Out Review

Ever played Clue? This movie was essentially the game of Clue, in a great ensemble cast in a Whodunit! It was well paced, filmed really nicely and kept you thinking the whole time! Not to mention a few of the actors played roles we’re not usually used to seeing them as. In a unique take... Continue Reading →

Hustlers Review

So this was actually a well done movie, but I have a lot of issues with it. First of all, had this movie been made with male leads, I’m certain the title would’ve been something along the lines of “Rapists”. Because honestly, what was done to these guys was not far off and the fact... Continue Reading →

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