Top TV Shows of the 2010s

So this list will be a little different, it won’t be the show per year, it’ll be shows which have been active within the decade and were still good during the decade (The Office and How I Met Your Mother in the 2010’s was terrible!). Also these are shows that I’ve watched so Game Of Thrones isn’t going to be here. Also decided not to include Family Guy or the Simpsons .

Breaking Bad

The pinnacle of TV, there has never been a show so well written, acted and filmed than this show has! The slow decent to villainy that Walter White did was so well done and it made you dislike him more and more, yet you never wanted him to be caught. This show was spectacular from beginning to end, kept you hooked from beginning to end and ended in such a satisfying and perfect way you were almost happy it was done.

Better Call Saul

While Breaking Bad is still the superior show, this one had a much stronger beginning. Saul was always the comic relief in Breaking Bad, but by all means he wasn’t a good guy. This shows the backstory of how he became a lawyer for all the right reasons and then greed and power kicked in for him to become the sleazy “Criminal” lawyer he has become. Also, it has 2 of the funniest moments I’ve ever seen on TV (Squad cobbler and Free Will Baptist Church).

Big Bang Theory

So this is a show that really suffered after the 7th season like most shows. What started off as a unique show about a bunch of nerds and their own individual quirks went to shit after season 7. But let’s not forget about the positives (It made my list after all). While it took a few episodes to really get a hold of the characters, you loved them. They all had great chemistry between them, it had good diversity, it showed being who you are is all that mattered. Not to mention the grown of the characters through the shows run (Howard was not the same at all by end when the series had started).


One of the best group of characters I’ve seen in a show, each one with their own quirks and their own insecurities and flaws. Showed how fragile someone can be on the inside, but also that they were a family and were always there for one another. It’s unfortunate that the cast became a revolving door.

Big Mouth

This show is beyond hilarious! It’s actually a realistic take on what it’s like for middle schoolers going through puberty despite being done in a vulgar comedic approach. What’s different for this show, it actually does tackle real moments such as slut shaming, homophobia, self-discovery and body shaming. Not something you’d expect on a show like this.


When we think of superhero shows, we think of shows like Smallville, Arrow and other CW shows. But when this show came out, did it ever change the vibe of superhero shows! Dark, brutal, unafraid to be edgy and well produced. This show changed superhero shows showing that a mature dark tone can work!

Parks and Rec

Arguably at times, better than the Office! One great thing about this show, it ended at season 7 which made sure it didn’t go to shit! With a group of characters which were all great, worked well together and had their own individual quirks. They made a fun an enjoyable experience where you never got bored or felt dragged. Leslie Knope is someone you want to cheer for, vote for and want to see her win. And let’s not forget most of all…Ron Swanson!

Brooklyn 99

A rare show which gets funnier and funnier as it goes. Just like Community and Parks and Rec, the cast is great. They’re showing that they’re their own separate family and while each one of them has their own unique quirks and flaws, they’re all very likeable. Jake also is seen as a skilled individual and is always there for each of his squad. And let’s not forget, Captain Holt!

The Boys

The newest title on the list. WOW these guys are not the glowing beacon of hope we see our beloved superheroes as. These guys are corrupted, evil, greedy and just plain and simple psychotic. This is more I find of an evil corporation show rather than a show about superheroes, tackling a lot of serious topics such as rape, terrorism, covering up, corporate greed and manipulation. It goes to show, never meet your heroes!

Jack Ryan

Jim is that you? This isn’t the same John Krasinski we’re used to seeing. He’s a fearless badass who’s out there to make the world a safer place taking on dangers and enemies up front. He’s also doing it as a real good guy, you don’t see him as a fake hero, he’s a guy who’s a genuine good guy and who’s really trying to do the right thing. The action in this show is a lot more grounded and realistic than you see in most action shows similar.

The Walking Dead

So truth be told, like most people I stopped watching after Glen died. But not because of the frustration of Glens death, but with the show in general. I absolutely loved this show for the longest time, but then it was a continuous pattern of build-up, build-up, build-up to something big happening, then again the build-up, build-up… It’s frustrating as hell! I did love this show, I was hooked and wouldn’t miss an episode but now it’s been on for way too long and having unnecessary spin offs.


So here’s a show that could’ve been absolutely ridiculous but actually ended up being something special! A semi-biographical show about a wrestling company in the 80 the “Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling” or G.L.O.W. It is shocking how offensive the show is to women and minorities however, I began to realize it takes place in the 80’s and it unfortunately was the norm. The cast and characters are great and each character brings their own to the show. Not to mention discussing some deep heavy topics. Let’s not forget it’s hilarious!

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