Gaming Franchise Weakest Link

Even the best franchise has a weak link eventually! Some of them are just a weaker game in the series, some of them are just plain awful! Here are some of my favourite franchises weakest link in their series!

Super Mario – Super Mario Sunshine

Really Mario doesn’t have any bad games, but this one does kind of feel like a weak link. The game play was weird; the water canon didn’t really suit Mario. There wasn’t a lot of traditional Mario game play. While not a bad game it’s the weakest in the series.

Legend Of Zelda- The Wind Waker

Okay, I don’t get the praise for this game! I don’t think the art style suited the series, the traveling method was annoying, the gameplay felt very stiff and limited. This doesn’t feel like a Zelda game at all, it could’ve been its own game with its own style, but why did they have to make it a Zelda game?! I want to also point out, I played the “improved” remaster on the WiiU, not the GameCube lag fest!

Super Smash Bros. – Super Smash Bros. Melee

While everyone was super excited for this game and it was a lot of fun and isn’t a bad game by all means. My biggest issue was that while the characters were plenty there was a lot of duplication. Mario and Dr. Mario were the exact same (Yes I know they’re technically the same character) but so was Ganondorf and Captain Falco. They fixed this cloning issue in Brawl and did an even better job in WiiU.

Uncharted – Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

The game wasn’t bad, but extremely over hyped. They focused far too much attention on the graphics and little on the content. Granted Uncharted 2 was one of the best games ever made and it was difficult to follow up but this game was also far too short. Unfortunately, this series is now “finished” but 4 redeemed the series.

God Of War – God of War 3

The first 2 were arguably the best games to come to the PS2 with the ultimate anti-hero and brutal combat and one of the best weapons in gaming history! However when the third one came along it started getting repetitive with the only change being graphical. It was the same upgrading system and the same weapons.

Call Of Duty – Call Of Duty: Ghosts

You can always recall any of the Modern Warfare games, you can always recall the Black Ops and even Advanced Warfare, but everyone forgets about Ghosts. And really you can’t blame them, it was just another basic Call Of Duty game. Honestly Call Of Duty needs to take a break and release a title every other year or even longer.

Sonic The Hedgehog – Everything after Dreamcast

Seriously, while he’s a legendary character like Mario the quality of the games have really plummeted. The game play isn’t what it used to be, they’re trying too many ridiculous experiments like the “Ware-Hedgehog” in Sonic Unleashed. They need to let him disappear let us miss him for a bit and let him come back strong.

Resident Evil – Resident Evil 6

This game is just awful; the concept was amazing especially with multiple stories but the game was terrible. There were far too many enemies to fight which were ridiculous, the graphics were weak and the multiple stories really didn’t work well together. This game should take the advice of “less is more”

Devil May Cry – Devil May Cry 2

This game is somewhat a victim of not being able to live up to the original but it doesn’t stop the fact that it sucks. Non-compelling story, lame bad guys and weak characters including Dante. It made up for the following games but it’s still the worst in the series.

Metal Gear Solid – Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty

Again following up to a legendary game, but really it’s the weakest in the series. Raiden wasn’t as great as he was in Guns Of The Patriots and the story was really confusing. It felt like a filler game rather than a major component in the series. Luckily for us Snake was brought back for the rest of the games.

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