Netflix is Dying, here are my reasons why!

So the streaming wars are in full force, what seems ironic is the one that started it all, now seems like the one that will die.  Netflix isn’t what it used to be and it just seems to be getting worse by the day and it’s on a slow painful death.


Disney Plus
Disney+’s content is incomparable!

With Disney+ Netflix lost a lot of content, losing all Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Fox content.  It was a huge blow as those are high volume of viewing for many people.  Not to mention the Marvel original shows such as Daredevil are now dead.


Rising Costs
Rising Costs

Not only is it more expensive than majority of the competition, the price is continuously rising but the content amount and quality is decreasing.  They don’t do anything to retain customers, especially ones who’ve been loyal to them from the beginning.  So why should we stay?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Logo
Can’t compete with the cost and benefits of Prime

Here is one that Netflix has no chance of competing with, their original content is significantly better than Netflix.  And also, Prime delivery included for less than $10 a month!  Even if you don’t watch the shows or movies often, you are going to use the delivery often!

Losing Rights

The Office Logo
The Office is leaving!

They’re not just losing rights to the Disney owned content, they’re continuously losing rights to other content such as Friends (Overrated in my opinion but still) and the Office.  There is more They’re going to lose rights to in the coming future so this doesn’t help them.

It’s Become A Channel Compared To Streaming Service

Netflix Originals
With the continued loss of 3rd party content, it’s become a channel almost.

In my opinion, Netflix is becoming a channel rather than a streaming service.  It’s pushing out more and more original content, which isn’t a bad thing but the original idea behind it was a place to watch show’s in one place from multiple channels and studios.  And frankly the quality of the original content is just getting worse and worse (Orange is the new black for example).

Regional Availabilities

World Map
Regional restrictions are a pain in the ass!

This is one thing that is a real piss off with Netflix.  Being in Canada there is a lot of content that Netflix America gets that we don’t, same thing when I went to Europe and Mexico.  For the longest time we weren’t able to get The Office or How I Met Your Mother.  Why?  What does the unavailability of a show do besides piss off your customers?

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