Wonder Woman Blood Lines Review

So we all know that currently the DCEU isn’t great however, their animated universe movies have been awesome! Especially Flashpoint and Under the Red Hood, they don’t hold back on the violence and the dark tone. In 2009 they made a solo Wonder Woman animated movie which was great, so I had somewhat high hopes for when they announced this movie…And wow were they shot down quickly!

The script is painfully cringeworthy without the half assed voice acting to make it even more unbearable. The story itself was jumbled but it made sense for the premise of the movie. It started off as an origin story which then progressed to the current timeline that the Animated movies are part of. While it was made for direct-to-dvd the production value was still very weak and would make anyone want to stop watching it.

There are some exciting battle scenes with some beautifully fluid animation, but beyond that there wasn’t much keeping you captivated. Which is a real shame because it could hinder any potential Wonder Woman solo sequels, but in all honesty, I’d rather they put more focus on the DCEU. I give this a 4.5/10


  • Some good battles
  • The vintage Wonder Woman costume returns
  • Etta was good comic relief

  • Villians, all of them
  • Production value
  • Script and story
  • Why add the origin story again?

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