DCEU Wishes

While they are surely finding a way to fix the mess that is the DCEU, they have a long way to go. They rushed it badly originally and it really fucked it up. So I have a few suggestions on what they can do to fix it!

Batman & Superman Team Up Movie

Batman Superman
Team them up!

What Dawn Of Justice should’ve been, but good! Let’s face it, no matter what these 2 are the pinnacle of Superheroes and people love seeing them team up. It could be with an omega level threat, it could be a mutual enemy it could even be them trying to save the world themselves. Either way, have a movie where they team up and realize, they need each other and really live the statement “You can’t save the world alone”.

Green Lantern – John Stewart

Green Lantern John Stewart
John Stewart is arguably the best Green Lantern

Hal Jordan will always be the Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne of Green Lanterns, but I really feel John Stewart is the best incarnation of the Green Lantern. He’s a badass dude who’s fearless and vulnerable that will give all his heart for the greater good. His leadership skills could arguably be ever stronger than Batman and Superman.

Man Of Steel 2

Henry Cavill Superman
Give this man a sequel!

Give the man a sequel! Honestly, I don’t get why this hasn’t happened yet! This is the issue with the DCEU, they rushed it so badly, they should’ve had this, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even a Batman movie before they had Dawn Of Justice. The Superman rogues gallery is diverse enough that they could’ve had villains like Metallo or Brainiac give him another formidable battle. And let’s not forget, could’ve introduced kryptonite and Lex Luthor properly, especially with Metallo!

No Origins

No more origin stories
Origins can ruin characters and pacing.

We know enough now about most of the big names in DC that origin stories are not really needed anymore. Or if they do, just do it minimal like they did with Man of Steel, Shazam and Wonder Woman. Let the story happen as if the character has been established in their world for a while that way we can just enjoy the movie and not have to see Krypton blow up again or see the Waynes shot again, we already know what happened.


Death Stroke
The most unappreciated villain in the DC Universe

Find a way, any way to bring this guy into the DCEU. He is so underrated and underused it’s criminal. He’s diverse enough that he’s no ones real arch nemesis and can be present during anywhere. He’s also arguably the best fighter in the DC universe, rivaling the skills of even Batman and Wonder Woman!

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor
Do this man properly!

Do this guy properly, no one has ever done Lex Luthor properly on film. Kevin Spacey terrible, Jessie Eisenberger horrendous and Gene Hackman was painfully cheesy. He’s a guy like Homelander, gives a noble, heroic savior image, but he’s really a terrible person and is looking to take control. But he is also complicated that he wants to be that heroic savoir, no matter the cost or the method.

More R-Rated movies

Joker Jaoquin Phoenix
R-Rated movies work!

The fans for these movies, aren’t kids. Majority of them are adults who grew up with these characters and movies as kids. Joker was r rated and look what happened! You don’t need to make them all R, but there are some characters it can definitely work for. Wouldn’t a R rated Batman movie be amazing?

Find a way to remove DOJ and Justice League

Batman versus superman and justice league not existing
Find a way that these never happened!

I’ll admit…I actually enjoyed Justice League, but it was purely for enjoyment and fun not because it was a good movie. But either way, the biggest issue is the death and return of Superman and that abomination they called Lex Luthor. They need a way to remove that ever happened. That way one day, they can actually do it again properly. I’m looking at you Flashpoint!


The Flash
Flashpoint could solve a lot of past problems

The Flash needs to be in the cannon, why isn’t he there? He’s a staple of the Justice League, Barry Allen is a fun comic relief character, his rogues are plentiful and his show has a strong enough audience that a movie would be successful. Also as I mentioned, a Flashpoint movie could undo the damage that Dawn Of Justice and Justice League have caused.

More Shazam!

We need more of him around!

Shazam was such a wonderful surprise! While most people don’t really know much about him (Did you know he is originally called Captain Marvel!?), they enjoyed the movie a lot. He’s almost as powerful as Superman, but with more personality and fun. You could easily bring him along and even have him cameo in other movies as comic relief. But in the end show he is a true hero!

Kingdom Come or Injustice

Injustice Gods Among Us Kingdom Come
An Injustice Gods Among Us movie or Kingdom Come could be a great endgame!

These could be one off movies, those who don’t know the stories behind them. Kingdom Come is basically many years in the future the Justice League has disbanded and many of the heroes are retired but the current heroes have become ultra violent and psychotic leading to the reassemble of the league with a divisive response. Injustice is the gaming universe, the Joker manipulated Superman into killing Lois Lane which caused Superman to kill him. This basically made Superman start a dictatorship rule of the world which caused him and Batman to be on opposite sides against each other. Either of these could also be an (No pun intended) endgame to what the DCEU is working towards.

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