DC Solo Movies

Joker has proved that R-Rated comic movies work! While I wasn’t in on the whole idea of him having an origin story, I did like the idea of the one off movie. However it got me thinking which characters could do a one off side movie and here are who I came up with! You’ll notice quite a few Batman characters.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor

Let’s face it, he has never been done properly in the cinematic world, all done with award winning or nominated actors and they were all terrible. Seeing him start off in his youth, his rise to power and the extremely shady stuff he hides from the public however, always putting on this savior façade would be really cool to see. I’m thinking Homelander type of character.


The Penguin
Oswald Cobblepot The Penguin

While the penguin story was done thoroughly in Gotham (A show I did not like) it was never really looked into how his childhood and seeing what made him the way he is and how he got into the underworld. Also it would be interesting to see him as a mob boss and seeing how deeply involved he is with the organized crime in Gotham City. It would be a take on the classic mobster rise to power. He is a character that may look as comic relief but is actually complicated!


Selina Kyle Catwoman

The Halle Berry one…doesn’t exist! This could just be on her point of view showing her early days of being a petty thief to then becoming a criminal mastermind. This would have Batman in the background but she’s always one step ahead of him. Even show a few times where she ends up saving him.


Death Stroke
Slade Wilson Deathstroke

Once again, I cannot stress how much I want this character on film and done properly. This could be one of those movies where he’s full out the bad guy, but you’re cheering him on the entire time. Could be an epic political espionage film where he’s set to assassinate someone (or several people) and he’s virtually unstoppable!

Lois Lane

Lois Lane
Lois Lane Daily Planet

A movie based on just Lois Lane starting off at the Daily Planet and then working her way to become this fearless reporter that she is now. It would also be interesting to see a certain dangerous mission that she did that put her into the mainstream as the de-facto face of the Daily Planet.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow
Oliver Queen Green Arrow

Yes I know Arrow has already done this, but that’s a TV show and a CW one to add to that. Having a grounded dark tone movie where he is a borderline hero and villain would be awesome to see!


Dick Grayson Night Wing

Ok this would actually be a Batman movie basically, but in the Nightwing universe after he’s separated himself from Batman. However, Nightwing is a great character on his own and this would showcase him being a hero in his own right rather than just Batmans sidekick.

Mr Freeze

Mister Freeze
Victor Fries Mister Freeze

If you’ve ever seen the Batman The Animated Series episode Heart of Ice or the DLC from Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart, you know exactly what I’m talking about, this would have Batman as a significant presence but the majority of the time would be focused on Victor Fries and how he became Mr. Freeze. Those unfamiliar, he was trying to save his wife from a terminal illness and put her in cryostasis, only to have someone pull the plug on the expirment and cause a lab accident which was kept hidden from the public.

Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner Gordon
Commissioner James Gordon

This could be done both as flashbacks and current. It could show his rise to ranks and being the one true blue honest cop on the Gotham PD. Then showing his early stages of working with Batman. However, this would be focused on him doing his own detective work and showing that he’s more than capable of solving cases with either little or no help from Batman.

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